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Free Shipping* on all plug-in wall sconce designs. Ideal for bedrooms, sitting areas, and hallways, wall sconces with plug designs are easy to install; simply hang them from the wall and plug them in.

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Make It Easy with Plug-In Sconce Lighting

The style and functionality of decorative wall lighting is easier to get than ever with plug-in sconce lighting. Simply find a design you like, hang it on the wall, and plug it in. Our selection offers both upscale looks from top designer brands and exceptional values with our exclusive designs.

Are plug-in wall sconces easy to install?

This is a simple DIY job. Install wall anchors into your wall, then hang the wall sconce on the anchor and plug in. Easy to do and only a screwdriver and hammer is needed.

Do plug-in wall sconces require professional installation?

No they do not. Wall sconces with plug designs are an easy installation project and do not require the services of an electrician.

Can plug-in wall sconces be used in any room?

You can use plug-in sconces anywhere you have a plug nearby. Whether you're flanking the bedside or a fireplace mantle, or brightening a hall or entryway, the plug-in wall sconce is your easy-to-install solution.

Can plug-in wall sconces be converted to hardwired fixtures?

Yes, many of these designs can be converted. Many come with a converter kit that allows you to switch them to be a hardwired wall light that is controlled from a wall switch. Check the product details or you can contact us for more information.

From the on-trend look of gold and brass to a wide variety of shade options, there's certain to be wall sconces with plug designs to fit your home. Talk to our lighting experts to learn more, or check out our Ideas and Advice section for tips videos and more lighting ideas.