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Free Shipping* on small table lamps. Find small lamp designs and compact table lights. Use for side table display or to add a little room accent.

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Big Style from Small Table Lamps

No matter how minuscule or tiny your room, table, or work area is, we have small table lamps that will brighten your day. These designs are smaller in height than regular lamps and have a smaller footprint base, so they take up less room on table surfaces. Their compact size also works well in small room spaces. There are a wide range of colors and features available, so no room is too tiny for big style from small lamps.

What is a good use for small table lamps?

A side table or hallway table is a wonderful location to place a small lamp design. Here the mini lamp will provide reference lighting for the area without overpowering the room space. We also love using a tiny lamp on a bedside table, and small-scale lamps to brighten dressing or makeup tables.

How do I pick the right size small lamp?

For small height lamps, select a design that shields the bulb from view or has a narrow top shade opening that mostly hides the bulb to prevent glare.

Small table lamps and compact table lights offer a bright style accent for your decor. And just because they are small doesn't mean they don't come with features. Look for small USB table lamps that help charge your phones and devices, and mini small touch lamps perfect for bedside use. For more lamp inspiration check out our tips and video on table lamps.