Stiffel Table Lamps

Stiffel Table Lamps
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The History of Stiffel Table Lamps

Long prized by collectors and designers, the Stiffel table lamp dates back to the company's founding in 1932, in Chicago, Illinois. The brand quickly became know for traditional brass designs, and the Stiffel brass lamp was a valued possession in many homes. Today the company still produces these styles, but has expanded its line to include other finishes and styles of lighting.

Are Stiffel Lamps solid brass? Many designs from the past were solid brass, and the company still produces some today. Other designs come in a range of brass and metal finishes.

Are Stiffel Lamps Valuable? Older designs from around the 1940s are considered collectable and do have value. New Stiffel lamps are sure to be prized possessions and will grow to become family heirlooms in your home.

We invite you to explore the complete Stiffel lamp collection. With subtle designer details, these artisan-original designs boast a refined style that will enhance the sophistication of any home decor. For more Stiffel design, browse our entire collection of Stiffel lighting, including exclusive fixtures you won't find anywhere else.