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Free Shipping* on our reading table lamps. For reading, writing or any other project life presents, our selection of tabletop lighting is up to the task.

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Table Lamps for Reading

No need to overstate the point: reading is fun, informative, and often vital at home and work. Reading can be easy on the eyes too when done under table lamps designed specifically for reading. When shopping for such lighting, it should be bright and clear as day. It should be adjustable too so that you can focus the light where you need it. Lastly, it should be stylish. Whether for work or for pleasure, reading table lamps are something you should enjoy looking at any time. For an added bonus, look for energy efficient designs or consider adjustable designs that allow you to dim your lamp to a more ambient tone when not in use. To get the best illumination, the bottom of the shade should be in line with your eye level (if placed next to a reading chair), so the light won't get into your eyes. For more pro tips, check out our How to Buy a Table Lamp guide.