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Explore modern coastal lighting
and decor with designs used by
Jennifer Farrell in her Montauk-beach
inspired vineyard show house.

“This property is all about livable luxury with lighting and furnishings that seamlessly blend between indoor and outdoor spaces.” Jennifer Farrell

Jennifer Farrell

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Jennifer Farrell's Calibu Vineyard

Interior designerJennifer Farrell's show home project totally reimagined a large property set amongst the beautiful Santa Monica mountains north of Los Angeles. The Calibu Vineyard is a seven-thousand three-hundred square-foot home set on 3.5 acres.

Jennifer calls the style of the home Modern Montauk coastal. The lighting and decor honors the original traditional Californian architecture, but gives it a contemporary spin with a modern palette.

Explore these designs used in the home, or find more inspiration in our complete coastal style assortment.

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