Address Plaques

Address Plaques

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Address Plaques and Individual House Numbers at Lamps Plus

A clear, visible address is an absolute must for deliveries and emergency vehicles alike. With our selection of stylized house numbers and address plaques, you can boost curb appeal while making a sensible and practical addition to your home. We offer individual numbers in a variety of styles as well as a selection of attractive customizable address kits that can accomodate most addresses.

How To Install Your Address Plaque

Your house number is most effective when it's visible from the street. For that reason, it's important to place your address plaque or numbers carefully. Start by drawing or tracing your address onto a piece of paper and taping it to the desired location on your home. Be sure to choose a spot that is illuminated at night. Stand at the curbside edge of your property to see if the address is visible from the street. The front door is typically a good spot, as that area is usually lit and a natural focal point for visitors. While you're on the job, consider rounding out your front porch with a decorative doorbell in a similar style. You can find a thorough explanation of how to shop for door chimes and door bells choices we offer in our tips section.