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Free Shipping and Free Returns* on all ceiling fans with LED lights. Add a refreshing breeze and brighten your home with these energy-efficient LED ceiling fans.

54" Casa Salerno Bronze Damp LED Hugger Fan with Remote Control
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60" Monte Largo Matte Black Modern LED Ceiling Fan with Remote
$299.95 Sale
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Why Choose an LED Ceiling Fan?

Of the 1,000s of fan styles that we offer, the LED ceiling fan is one of the smartest choices on the market. Outfitted with energy efficient LEDs, they offer great lighting options. A fan with LED light design may come with a built-in array or LEDs or may feature an LED light bulb. Either way, these fans offer lighting for a fraction of the electricity used by conventional incandescent bulbs.

Are fans with LED lights a good value?

Yes, they are a great value. LEDs are much more energy efficient than regular incandescent bulbs, so they will save you money on your electrical bill. In fact, LED fan lights can use up to 90% less energy than other lighting sources. Plus they should last for years without failing.

Are fans with LED lights replaceable?

A fan with LED light arrays that are built into fan do not have a bulb unit, so there is nothing to replace. However, in some cases the array may be offered as a replacement part. For fans that use bulbs, these can be replaced with LED bulbs.

Are there LED fans for outdoor use?

Yes, there are a wide range of fans with LED lights designed for outdoor use. Damp rated fans can be used on covered patios and porches. Wet rated can be used in areas that get full exposure to rain and weather.

Is a fan with LED light able to be remote controlled?

Yes, fan designs that have remote control operation are available, as are LED smart fans that can be controlled by an app or through a smart home system.

Our ceiling fans with LED lights are a great addition to any home. As noted, they not only offer great light, but also effectively make a room feel cooler while using much less electricity than an air conditioner. Save on your monthly utility bill and get great lighting as well. Now that's saving - and that's smart! If you have any questions about these designs talk to one of our ceiling fan experts, or check out our video and article on how to buy a ceiling fan.