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Choosing a Ring Chandelier

Whether you call it a ring or a round chandelier, the distinctive shape of these pieces are unmistakable. An extremely versatile shape compatible with every design style available, ring chandeliers tend to feature a horizontal round shape, with the wagon wheel being one of our most popular types. Line your fixture with LED bulbs for a more modern look, or pair it with vintage-style for a traditional candle-lit aesthetic.

Can I put a ring chandelier over a rectangular or square table?

  • Yes, ring and round chandeliers can be hung above a rectangular or square table. The general rule of thumb is that the chandelier should not be wider than the table below it.
  • For a great look, hang your chandelier above the center of your square or rectangular table.

What is a corona chandelier?

  • From the Italian word for "crown", corona chandeliers are chandeliers with a shape reminiscent of a crown.
  • Crowns come in many shapes and sizes, and what looks like a crown can be subjective. As such, Lamps Plus prefers the description of ring or round chandelier for a better idea of the shape.

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