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Free Shipping* on all globe shaped pendant chandelier designs. Add a fresh look to your decor with a hanging globe pendant light, available in a wide range of styles and finishes.

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The Visual Flair of Globe Pendant Chandeliers

Add designer style to your decor with a hanging globe pendant light. This type of pendant shape features a round, ball-shaped, globe profile. The pendants can be contemporary in style or more classic looking, and can have a closed shape in glass, or have an open metal or wood frame. Modern globe pendants often feature LED light elements, and may an open look made up of metal bands with lights. Larger globe pendants are ideal for use in dining areas or entry halls, while small globe pendant chandeliers are great for use over kitchen seating areas.

A globe shaped pendant chandelier adds an unmistakable style statement to any decor setting. It's a designer shape that's adaptable to a wide range of home styles, including today's modern home. To learn more about pendant lighting, explore our video and article on How to Buy a Chandelier in our lighting Ideas and Advice section.