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Free Shipping* on all swag chandeliers. The slacked chain of a swag chandelier adds playful personality or regal sophistication over dining tables or seating areas.

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Decorating with swag lamps

Swag lamps (also known as swag chandeliers) have a playful yet sophisticated appeal for a lasting look that matches a variety of interiors. Swag designs are draped from the ceiling using a chain, which is in turn "swagged" from a hanging hook, providing an elegantly sweeping look in the room. There's a relaxed luxury in the draped chain that's perfect for decorating lounge areas and dining rooms. Whether you choose colorful patterns and animal print shades for informal gathering areas or multi light styles for a contemporary look, any of our elegant designs can make your space a place to remember. For questions about swag chandeliers, what size it should be or how high you should hang it, check out our How to Buy a Chandelier guide.