Tiffany Close To Ceiling Lights

Tiffany Close To Ceiling Lights
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Free Shipping* on all Tiffany style close to ceiling lights. Discover our collection of handcrafted Tiffany style ceiling lights featuring hand-cut art glass, handmade using traditional methods.

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The Classic Style of Tiffany Style Ceiling Lights

A defining accent for Mission decor, Arts and Crafts architecture, and Prairie style homes, a Tiffany style close to ceiling light offers unrivaled color and style for your home. These lights are still made using the same techniques pioneered by artisans at the end of the 19th century, including the use of hand-cut art glass and construction using the copper foil soldering technique.

What is a Tiffany style ceiling light?

This type of lighting is inspired by the original fixtures made by the designer and artist Louis Comfort Tiffany in late 1800s and early 1900s. Original Tiffany designs are priceless heirlooms and museum pieces, but today's Tiffany style close to ceiling lights are made using the same techniques as in the past.

Why does a Tiffany style ceiling light sound hollow and plastic?

Tiffany fixtures sound like this when you tap them with your finger because of the way they are assembled. Ceiling lights using Tiffany style glass are made by wrapping each piece with copper, then soldering them tightly together. Because of this, they create a dull, muffled sound when struck, a sound misinterpreted by many as being plastic

We love the colorful and warm appeal of a Tiffany style ceiling light. Reach out to our lighting experts if you have any questions about these beautiful designs. For more tips and ideas, check out our ceiling lights video and buying guide.