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Free Shipping* on our modern arc floor lamps. The curved form of these designs offers both cozy over-the-shoulder light and ample general illumination.

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Add Style with Modern Arc Floor Lamps

An icon of modern design, the arc floor lamp provides a sweeping statement for living rooms and seating areas. These lamps have a heavy base that securely anchors the lamp in place, with a slim arching floor lamp pole or column that extends up and away from the base. A wide shade or dome light is placed at the end of the arching arm offering bright reading and down task lighting.

Can I use a modern floor lamp arc over a sofa?

A floor lamp with an arc is a great accent for use over a sofa or a sectional. Place the base of these lamps against a wall or away from the seating area, then position the arc so that the light hangs over the part of the seat where you want light.

Are modern arc floor lamps still popular?

Yes! These designs were first in vogue in 1960s and 1970s, but they remain just as popular today. In fact, with the rise of sectional sofa designs and large living areas, arc floor lamps have made a strong comeback with designers.

Are there new styles of arc floor lamps?

So-called off-set floor lamps combine the versatility and style of arc floor lamps with a smaller footprint. These designs have a light that is off-set from the main lamp pole or column, hence their name, allowing you to get the overhanging look of a modern arc floor lamp in a more compact design.

Modern floor lamp arc designs offer statement-making lighting and great style for any space. We love their visual flair as well as their functionality. Reach out to our lighting design experts if you have any questions about this look, or explore more with our video and tips on how to buy a floor lamp.