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Free Shipping* on USB floor lamp designs. These designs allow you to easily charge phones and other devices. Browse our wide range of USB floor lamps, including exclusive styles and top brands.

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Keep Charged Up with USB Floor Lamps

Floor lamps with USB charging ports are designs that include a built-in USB port or ports for charging phones and other electronic devices. They offer the functionality of a regular floor lamp with convenient USB charging capability.

Will USB floor lamps work with all USB devices?

In general, yes. USB floor lamps are compatible with most USB devices that require charging, such as phones, tablets, e-readers, cameras, portable speakers, and so on. To be sure, check the specific charging requirements of your device.

How many USB ports do USB floor lamps typically have?

Most designs will have one port, but many have two for added charging support. Many designs also have a built-in electrical plug outlet, so you can charge devices that don't have a USB connection.

Will a floor lamp with USB ports charge when the light is off?

Yes they will. The USB ports on these lamps will provide power to connected devices regardless of whether the lamp's light is on or off.

A USB floor lamp provides both functionality and convenience. Placed next to a sofa or favorite reading chair, they are a multi-tasking design you are sure to love. For more information about these designs, contact our lighting experts, and be sure to check out our floor lamps buying guide and video.