Floor Lamps With Night Light

Floor Lamps with Night Light

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Free Shipping* on all night light floor lamps. Let a floor lamp with night light design illuminate your way at night, plus add decorative style. We carry exclusive lamps, plus designs from all the top brands.

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Light Your Way with a Night Light Floor Lamp

A night light floor lamp features a built-in night light feature as well as a top light. They combine the functionality of a regular floor lamp with the convenience of a soft, ambient light for nighttime illumination.

Does the floor lamp night light work independently of the main light?

Yes it does. You have the choice of having the night light only on, the top light only on, or both on.

Can the night light on a floor lamp be used as a primary light source?

In most cases, no. Floor lamps with night light features are intended to be used as a secondary light source, and are not bright enough for general room lighting.

What are the advantages of using a night light floor lamp?

Use a floor lamp with night light in any location where you need an accent light or a reference light to navigate by at night.

What are some locations where night light floor lamps can be used?

These designs are great for a living room or entry hall where you need reference lighting, as well as media rooms and home theater spaces. Bedrooms, nurseries, or any space where a soft, soothing light is required are also wonderful room choices.

Floor lamps with night light features offer a functional lighting solution while also adding a decorative element to a room's ambiance. We carry a wide range of night light styles and features, so if you need help in selecting a design just reach out to our of our lighting experts. For more floor lamp ideas and tips, check out our video and buying guide.