Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor Fountains
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Free Shipping* on all outdoor fountains. Freshen up landscape and patio areas with our garden water fountain designs. Installation is a snap: just place them, fill them and plug them in.

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Patio and Garden Water Fountains

Of the many ways to refresh your outdoor areas, our selection of patio and garden water fountains is one of the easiest and most effective. Standing beautifully amidst landscape or plantings, cool and cascading water adds a relaxing touch to any outdoor area, from the patio to the garden. From the lasting look of stone to lightweight yet durable resin, our selection of outdoor fountains offers a variety of shapes and styles, plus Free Shipping on our items.

What are the steps to install a backyard fountain?

Start with a location that has a solid, level surface. Next, look for a nearby outlet to power the pump, or choose a solar-powered design. At last, with everything in place, fill your new water fountain, plug in to an outdoor outlet, and enjoy.

Do your fountains come with water pumps?

Yes, our designs come complete with a water pump, cord and plug, and all the connections that you will need.

How heavy are garden fountains?

Many of our designs are crated from lightweight resin. Depending on the number of tiers and their size, they will be under thirty pounds, so they can be easily moved and positioned. Other designs are made of cast stone or concrete, so they are much heavier. We list the weight of each design in copy.

You'll find everything about installing and taking care of an outdoor water fountain with our video and article Fountains - Buying Guide and Cleaning Tips. For help in choosing a backyard fountain that's right for you, contact us to speak to one of our fountain experts.