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Springcrest Lamp Shades

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Free Shipping* on all Springcrest lamp shades. Find a replacement lamp shade and update an old lamp. Get new style with designs from the Springcrest lamp shade brand.

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Top Quality Lamp Shades from the Springcrest Brand

Refresh your favorite lamp with shade designs from this fashion-forward brand. The Springcrest lamp shade collection features designer shapes, colors, bold prints, embroidered fabrics and more. Whether you are looking for a replacement lamp shade or just want to refresh a favorite lamp, Springcrest lamp shades offer top value and designer quality for your home.

What measurements do I need for a new Springcrest shade?

If you have a shade shape you like, just measure across the top, across the bottom, the slant, and the height. You can then browse our site for a matching shade.

Where are Springcrest shades designed?

The Springcrest Collection is designed in the USA in California, where special features and final touches like the addition trim are added. Springcrest includes designs from the old Brentwood lamp shade brand.

How do I know what shape is right for my lamp?

In general, a shade's shape should follow the contour of the lamp base. This holds true in most cases, so square lamps take square lamp shades, round lamps take round.

For more ideas and tips on purchasing replacement lamp shades, see our video and article on how to measure a lamp shade, or check out shape and color tips in our lamp shade buying guide. If you have an older Brentwood lamp shade design and are looking for a match, our lamp shade experts are here to help, so reach out to us if you have any questions.