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What is a Candelabra Light Bulb?

Candelabra Base BulbsA candelabra base light bulb is a specialty bulb with a smaller threaded base than normal.

  • Candelabra base bulbs are typically used in night lights, chandeliers, or other fixtures.
  • They have a 12mm diameter base (sometimes listed as an E12 base), which is noticeably smaller than a normal bulb.
  • Often these types have a decorative look to the bulb itself, with bent-tip or flame-tip accents to the glass intended to mimic a candle flame.
  • Look for frosted glass for applications where the bulb will be visible. A frosted or white covering to the bulb helps avoid glare.
  • To save money, try a budget-priced multi-pack.
  • If you have a hard to reach fixture, opt for an LED candelabra bulb. These save energy and have a longer lifespan, so you won't need to change bulbs as often.
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