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Free Shipping* on all low voltage light bulbs. For use with systems like track, landscape & recessed lighting, our low voltage bulbs come in a variety of base options in halogen, LED & more.

Sylvania Halostar Eco 60 Watt Light Bulb
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Low Voltage Bulbs

With so many different bulbs on the market, it can be really difficult to find out which one is right for your space. Here are some good tips to start: MR type halogen bulbs produce spot beams that are perfect for accenting plantings outdoors, or artwork and tasks indoors. Par type bulbs have built-in reflecting surfaces that cast a wide, flood-like pattern of light. And on the smaller end of the spectrum, small bi-pin halogen bulbs are common in desk lamps and deck lighting, while candelabra base bulbs are a decorative option for low voltage chandeliers and other multi-light fixtures. As always, it's best to double-check what you're replacing before buying. If you need help identifying the bulb you're replacing, check out our Light Bulb Identifier and Finder Guide. If you're still unsure which low voltage light bulb is right, contact our lighting professionals at 800-782-1967. We're here to help!