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Free Shipping* on all wall mirrors. The designer trick for brightening and broadening the look of a space, a new mirror works wonders on the entryway or bedroom.

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Decorative Wall Mirrors - The Easy Home Update

More than just decorative, wall mirrors are a practical and easy way to update most rooms in your home.
Here are a few suggestions for using them:

  • In the bedroom, wall mirrors can help a space appear larger, and of course they're the most important part of the dressing area.
  • Used in the living room, they can brighten the space by reflecting outside light and color into otherwise dark areas.
  • The entryway is also an ideal spot for a new wall mirror. It adds a decorative touch when you enter and allows for a last second grooming check before you head out the door.
  • Learn more about how mirrors offer you an easy way to enlarge your space and brighten a room in our guide, How to Buy a Mirror and Hang it Like a Pro, an online resource written by specialists to clarify any doubts.
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