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How to Install Outdoor Flood Lights

Outdoor flood lighting is one of the best ways to keep your property secure at night. If you've ever done electrical work on your home before, you may wish to install outdoor flood lights yourself. Here's how:

  1. Determine where you wish to install the fixture. Place flood lights up high or at building corners for maximum reach.
  2. Locate your power source. Electrical boxes with spare knockouts can often be found in garages, laundry rooms or utility closets. Note that many solar powered fixtures may not require an external power source.
  3. Shut off power at the circuit breaker. If you're not sure which circuit to cut, it's best to turn them all off.
  4. Drill a hole at the location where your fixture will be placed.
  5. Fish the electrical line through your attic and/or walls to the hole where the fixture will be placed.
  6. Connect the wiring to your fixture and affix it to the building.
  7. Connect the other end of the electrical line to the power source in your electrical box.

Be sure to test the wires with a voltage meter to make sure they're not "hot" before connecting. Also, make sure there are no exposed wires or leads before turning the power back on at the circuit breaker.One final safety note: Working with electricity can be very dangerous. If you're not comfortable or have never worked with home electrical wiring, call a licensed electrician instead.

There's a lot to learn regarding lightning the outside of your home, such as the right size of wall fixtures (pro-tip:it's between 1/3 to 1/4 the size of your door), that's why we prepared a guide, How to Buy Outdoor Lighting - Planning and Design Tips.