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LED Picture Lights
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Free Shipping* on all LED picture lights. See your art in a better light! LED lighting offers slimmer profiles, lower heat output and greater energy efficiency than regular picture lighting.

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LED Art Lighting - A Better Way to Look at Art

If you loved it enough to frame it, then why not light it right, too? LED art lighting offers a number of benefits when it comes to displaying art, family photos, posters, and more. LEDs emit less heat than the alternatives, meaning there's virtually no impact of heat on your prized artwork. And because LEDs use a small chip instead of a bulb, a variety of smaller, slimmer profiles are available. Most important, however, are the well-known benefits of LED: energy efficient and long-lasting. So now you can light art and photos at home without feeling wasteful. We offer hard-wire, plug-in and cordless battery powered LED picture lights. Learn more about all types of pictures lights in our guide, How to Buy Picture Lights – A Bright Idea for Artwork.