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Bar Height Stools
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What is standard bar stool height?

What is standard bar stool heightA Bar Height stool is one that meets the following requirements:

  • 1. They have a seat height of 28-inches to 32-inches high.
  • 2. For comfort, make sure you leave space between the bar seat and the bottom of the counter; 8 to 12-inches is a good rule of thumb.
  • 3. Keep in mind what other kinds of features you might like, such as arms, a rotating seat, or a footrest.
  • 4. Use a 28-inch bar stool height for lower tables or kitchen counters.
  • 5. 32-inch bar stool heights are great for taller countertops.
  • 6. Make sure you measure your space so that you end up with the correct size.

How many bar stool height seats do I need?

How many bar height stools to fitIt's easy to determine how many bar stools you'll need for your space. Just follow these simple guidelines:

  • 1. Leave 20-inches between each stool.
  • 2. For example, a 9-foot bar with 20-inch wide stools can accommodate 3 bar stools.
  • 3. The rule of 3 in decorating comes into play here: designers say that objects look better grouped in odd numbers.
  • 4. 24 to 26-inches between stools is the standard followed in the hospitality industry, but at home you can go a little narrower.
  • 5. Remember that seats that swivel to get in and out of.
  • 6. Look for a design that also works with the the depth of your table or counter.

Make sure to check out 5 Tips for Buying a Barstool before making a purchase. If you still need help selecting a bar height stool that's right for your home, just give us a call. One of our product specialists will be happy to suggest the designs and features that will be perfect for your situation.

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