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Night Light Table Lamps
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Free Shipping* on our night light lamps. These table lamp designs have night lights included in the base, making them the perfect choice for a bedroom or hall.

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Night Light Lamps - Add a Bright Glow

Table lamps with night lights in base sections add a warm glow to your decor. They are ideal for use as a reference light to guide your way at night through a room, or can be used as an accent light in home theater rooms or living rooms. Many use an energy saving LEDs for the night light, and all act as a normal table lamp as well as a night light lamps design.

Can I use the regular lamp and the night light at the same time?

Yes, most designs allow you to have the night light on at the same time as the top lamp light. This is a great look to accent and brighten your living space.

How do the night light controls work?

A lamp with night light functionality usually has a regular socket switch on the neck of the lamp. These are usually 4-way sockets, so one turn illuminates the top light, the second turn is for the night light, the third to have both on, and the last to turn both off. Other designs may have touch controls or selector switches.

What bulbs do night light lamps use?

Depending on the design, they may use regular night light base bulbs, a small candelabra bulb, or a specialized bulb with a bi-pin base. LEDs can be used, and in some cases the LED may be an array that is built in.

Can night light lamps be used bedside?

They can! You don't need much light bedside from night light lamps, so look for designs with lower wattage bulbs that have glass diffusers or shades that lessen the light output.

A table lamp with night lights in the base section offers a wonderful decorative look that's practical as well. Be sure to look for night light lamps with other features as well, such as dimmers or USB charging ports. For additional information, check out our video and article for more tips about buying table lamps, and reach out to our lighting experts if you have any questions.