Track Lighting Plug-In

Plug-In Track Lighting

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Free Shipping* on all plug-in track lighting kits and parts. These DIY plug-in kits are easy to install and allow you to add this versatile lighting just about anywhere.

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Fast and Easy Plug-In Track Lighting

Installing track lighting can be a challenge, given the electrical work needed and all the various components required. These plug-in track lighting kits offer easy DIY installation and can be installed on both ceilings and walls. Just mount the linear track rail in the desired location, then plug in for instant style.

What type of track lighting plugs into an outlet?

Our featured plug-in track lighting kits install easily without the need for an electrician or electrical wiring. All that's required is a nearby outlet. The kit comes with all you need, including track, lights, bulbs, and plug-in cord.

Can plug-in track lights be installed on the wall?

Yes, plug-in track lighting can be installed on both the ceiling and wall, and are a quick DIY job for most homeowners. For wall mounting, these types of lights are particularly useful for illuminating artwork or work areas.

Our collection of plug-in track lighting offers a great solution for a wide range of home lighting challenges, from kitchens and workshop tables, to hobby areas and home offices. Browse our collection and discover the many uses for these versatile designs. For more about track style lighting, check out our How to Buy Track Lighting video and guide, or contact one of our track experts for advice and recommendations.