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What is Monorail Track Lighting?

What is Monorail Track Lighting?Get a custom look with monorail track
  1. Monorail track is similar to regular track systems, but instead of using straight pieces of track it uses flexible rail that can be bended by hand and customized into curved, round, or wave-like shapes
  2. Monorail track hangs from the ceiling from small pegs called standoffs. You install and anchor the standoffs in the ceiling in the pattern you'd like, then run the monorail from standoff to standoff. The appearance and shape of the monorail on the ceiling is determined by where you place the peg standoffs
  3. Monorail systems are low-voltage, meaning that they use a transformer to step the regular line voltage down to a low voltage level. A surface mount or ceiling mount transformer connects to a ceiling junction box and powers the entire system
  4. Monorail light kits come complete with everything you need, including a transformer, the monorail, lights, and standoffs
  5. You can also purchase individual component parts so you can configure your own custom-built monorail system
  6. Kit or custom, make sure you measure your room before you buy. Plan out how you'd like the track arranged and where you'd light to place lights. Then decide on the kit or parts that fit your needs
  7. A good rule of thumb is one light per foot of monorail. You can vary this depending on your needs and the capacity of the transformer and system you buy. Monorail track is a great solution for kitchen or office lighting, as you can easily adjust where lights are placed and aimed. They are also ideal for use in rooms with high ceilings, because they suspend from the ceiling rather than install directly against it

Monorail Track Lighting Systems

Monorail Track Light DetailDetail of a monorail track head

Whether it's a monorail system kit, individual rail system parts, or something else from our full selection of track lighting, Lamps Plus has a lighting solution for you. You'll find a wide selection of designs, and we can also place a custom order for you if you need monorail system components that we don't show online.

To learn more about track lighting and see if it's right for you, read our How to Buy Track Lighting guide. For help planning your system, one of our trained monorail lighting specialists will be happy to offer advice and make sure you get exactly the right parts that you need. Call 800-782-1967 to speak with one of our associates.