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Free Shipping* on all plug-in wall lamps. These easy-to-install plug in wall lights add elegance to any bedroom or room space. Hang on wall and plug in for instant style!

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What Is a Plug In Wall Lamp?

Plug In Wall LampsThe plug-in wall lamp brings a professional look into your home without the need of an electrician or special DIY skills. These easy-to-install wall fixtures simply plug-in to any standard socket and hang from the wall just like artwork. No fussy wiring. No messy construction. Just a fresh look along the bedside, bathroom mirror, hallway and more in a matter of minutes.

How to Install a Plug-In Wall Lamp

The wall-mounted plug-in wall lamp offers a bright new look in just a few simple steps:

1. Find a location preferably near an outlet. As a rule of thumb, the middle of the fixture should be 60 inches above the floor.
2. Hang the fixture from the wall as you would any picture frame. Consider using wall anchors, especially for heavier fixtures.
3. Plug the lamp into the nearest wall socket. Use an extension cord if needed.
4. For a finished look, add a lamp cord cover, available in a range of metallic and fabric finishes.

Because they offer a great look in minutes, plug-in wall lamps are a top choice for decorators, new homeowners, and renters alike. For more ideas and advice, check out our "Swing Arm Lamps and Wall Lamps – A Quick Guide".