Adjustable Floor Lamps

Adjustable Floor Lamps
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Find Your Perfect Spot with an Adjustable Floor Lamp

Adjustable floor lamps offer versatility and convenience. They feature adjustable lamp heads that allow you to control the direction and placement of the light, and many can be adjusted for height, making them even more adaptable. These types of lamps come in a wide range of styles, from traditional designs to sleek and modern pieces.

How do adjustable floor lamps work?

Many designs have an extendable pole or column that allows you to change the height of the light source. Swing arm floor lamps also have an adjustable lamp head, so you can aim the light source as needed.

Why use an adjustable floor lamp?

These designs are ideal for reading or other tasks where you need bright, directed light, as you can control the light source to get the perfect lighting effect. You can also easily adjust them to provide ambient mood lighting for a room.

What are popular finishes in adjustable floor lamps?

Brass finish adjustable floor lamps are popular, offering a classic look for a wide range of room decor styles. For a more modern appearance, brushed nickel finish adjustable floor lamps are sought after.

Can I use LED bulbs in an adjustable floor lamp?

Yes you can, just make sure you use the proper bulb base and don't exceed the maximum wattage for the lamp socket. Many designs have built-in LED arrays for convenience.

We offer a wide range of moveable arm, adjustable designs. If you need a specific feature or look, just reach out to our lighting experts and they can help you out. We also have a floor lamp buying guide and video with more tips and information.