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Form and Function with Column Floor Lamps

A column floor lamp is a design that has a tall vertical pole or column with a shade or diffuser on top. The column is made of materials like metal, wood, glass, or resin. Traditional designs may have carvings or other decorative elements, while modern column floor lamps are more often sleek and minimal. It may have decorative feature decorative elements or textures to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

How do column floor lamps differ from other types of floor lamps?

Column floor lamps are the classic look in floor lamp design. They do not have an offset or arc arm, but have a base with a straight, vertical pole that leads upwards to a light source and shade.

Can column floor lamps provide enough lighting for an entire room?

A floor lamp can provide general room illumination for a room, especially small spaces. However, for any room you really want multiple light sources that help create layers of light and give you multiple options to light the room. We have a video and article about layers of light so you can learn more.

Are column floor lamps easy to put together?

Yes, they take only a few moments to assemble. The column or pole usually ships in two or three sections. To assemble you just join these together, attach to the base, then secure the bulb and shade.

Column floor lamps are popular for their sleek and elegant design, making them versatile lighting options that can complement various interior styles. Contact us for more information about this lighting type, or learn more about floor lamps with our buying guide and video.