Trim Recessed Lighting

Trim Recessed Lighting

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Free Shipping* on all recessed lighting. From the kitchen to the living room, find recessed light fixtures for every need. All the best styles and brands, including Juno, Lightolier and more.

Line Voltage

For use with line voltage housings. We offer a range of sizes and styles.

Low Voltage

Choose from a wide selection of trim for use with your low voltage housings.

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As we've discussed in our "How to Buy Recessed Lighting" guide, there is a lot to consider when purchasing and installing this form of overhead illumination. One key factor to consider is the recessed lighting trim, which is the portion of your fixture that is visible after installation. When selecting a trim, it's important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Trim Size: Available in diameters that range from 2" to 6", the width of the trim you select is based equally on need as it is on preference. Larger trims product a broader spread of light that is best for general illumination, while smaller trims have become popular in modern settings.
  • Trim Style: The style of your recessed trim is best determined by what you hope to get out of your light. Baffle trims, which feature uniform grooves that absorb excess light and reduce glare, are the most widely used in interior lighting, while adjustable trims can be set at a variety of angles, and recessed shower trims can be installed in wet or damp locations like the bathroom.
Keep in mind, however, that not every trim size and style works with all housings. So, it's important to know all the details of your housings to ensure compatibility. For more information and assistance, read our "Guide to Recessed Lighting, Trim, Housings & Bulbs" article or call 800-782-1967 to speak with a friendly, professional Lighting & Home Decor Consultant. We're on hand and happy to help you find the right trim for your space.