Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling Medallions
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Free Shipping* on unique ceiling medallions that make a wonderful accent for ceiling fixtures. Lightweight designs install easily around canopies. Find dining room ceiling medallions and more.

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Easy to Install Ceiling Medallions

Accent the ceiling canopy of chandeliers, fixtures, and fans with the designer look of one of our unique ceiling medallions. These lightweight medallions come decorated with patterns or can even be painted to coordinate with the rest of your room decor.

What is a ceiling medallion?

These are a decorative round element that attaches to the ceiling surface around a canopy. They have a hole in the center where the canopy site and they dress up the area around it. They have long been used by designers to enhance the look of chandeliers and fixtures.

What ceiling medallions made from?

Medallions are crafted from lightweight resin or a similar material. Because they weigh so little they are easy to move and position. Some medallions are graphics printed on peel-and-stick paper. These are great for renters or for anywhere you want a temporary decoration.

How do you install a ceiling medallion?

Most can be easily installed with an adhesive glue, or you can set them in place with drywall screws. With repositionable printed patterns you simply peel and stick them in place.

What medallion styles are available?

There are a wide range of patterns and decorative looks in our collection of unique ceiling medallions. Dining room ceiling medallions, for example, often have a raised pattern of scrolls and geometric forms. Other designs are made to look like an iron ceiling medallion, and there are also simple round or square forms.

Browse our collection to find a decorative look for your home. If you need more information, we have an instruction page and video on how to install ceiling medallions, as well as additional info on repositionable printed medallion patterns. If you have questions or need advice, just contact us and our design experts will be happy to assist.