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Free Shipping* on all pool table lights. For the game room to the family room, our selection offers dozens of stylish new ways to brighten your next billiards game.

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The New Look of Billiard and Pool Table Lighting

Lift your game of billiards or eight-ball with a new pool table light. From modern designs in crystal using free-flowing LEDs to traditional styles with art glass, pool table lighting has entered a new age. Discover all the new styles and forms available that you can use to transform any game room.

What pool table lighting is best?

The main purpose of a pool table light is to brightly illuminate the table surface. Downlights have traditionally been used that shield the players eyes from bulb glare, but any linear chandelier design that offers bright light can work.

Where should a pool table light be installed?

You want the light be installed centered over the table surface so that both sides of the table receive equal amounts of lighting. It's not necessary for the light to run the length of the table as long as the surface is evenly lit.

How high should pool table lighting be?

In general, hang the fixture so that the bottom of the light is nose level to the standing players, so 32" to 35" above the table surface. Depending on the design you may have to go a little higher or lower.

A pool table light is a wonderful addition to any game room and pool table space. It adds a professional look to your billiard gaming table, and is sure to be a welcome accent for your space. If you have any pool table light questions, contact our design pros and they can help you select a light that's right for you.