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A True Classic - The Pharmacy Floor Lamp

A pharmacy floor lamp is a classic type of floor lamp design that is specifically made for task lighting. They have a tall vertical pole and an adjustable lamp head that directs light as desired.

Why are they called pharmacy floor lamps?

In the early 20th century, these lamps were first used in pharmacies and apothecaries to provide focused lighting for preparing medications and reading prescriptions. Today you'll find them in homes, libraries, offices, and study areas.

Are pharmacy floor lamps good for reading?

These designs are excellent for reading and other tasks that require bright, adjustable light. They can help reduce eye strain and fatigue, and are great positioned next to a sofa or favorite reading chair. These lamps are also ideal for hobby work, crafting, knitting, and sewing work.

How does the adjustable arm and shade of a pharmacy floor lamp work?

It varies by lamp, but with most designs you just rotate the lamp head to position the light. Some pharmacy style floor lamps have a tilt function as well, and there are other designs with adjustable arms that provide even more functionality.

The pharmacy style floor lamp is widely used for its sleek profile and its ability to provide bright, concentrated lighting. We carry a wide selection of these lamps, in both traditional and modern styles. Our lighting experts can help you select a design that right for you, and are available 7-days a week.