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Grow Lights

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What are grow lights?

What are grow lights1. A grow light is an artificial light source that is used to help plants grow indoors.

2. Plant lights can be a simple grow light bulb, or they can be a panel featuring energy efficient LEDs that produces light.

3. You can use them to grow plants inside in rooms that don't get any natural sunlight.

4. They're also ideal for keeping outdoor potted plants healthy during winter months, and for growing plants from seed.


LED grow lightsGrowing healthy plants indoors is easier than you think when you use the right indoor grow lights. Try using our LED designs which have been engineered with the indoor gardener in mind.

The best LED grow lights offer a spectrum of plant light. Two colors of LEDs, or "light emitting diodes", are used. The violet-blue light in the 400 - 520 nm range encourages chlorophyll absorption, photosynthesis and growth. Red LEDs in the 610 - 720 nm range promotes flowering and budding.

Daily use of indoor grow lights for plants depends on the type of plantings you have. Foliage plants need about 16 hours of light per day, while flowering plants require somewhat less, in the 12-14 hours range. For either type, our LED designs are very energy efficient compared with traditional indoor garden lights using fluorescent or incandescent grow bulbs, and they produce much less heat when compared with these types of lighting.

Grow lights are ideal for a number of different uses, from brightening low light plants for office spaces to the home. With all the grow lights for sale out there, you may still be uncertain which one's right for you. Feel free to contact our experts with any questions, or read our plant grow lights tips article for more information.