Asian Pendant Lighting

Asian Pendant Lighting

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Free Shipping* on all Asian style pendant lighting. Discover the bright look of Asian pendant lighting inspired by the region's materials, shapes, and motifs.

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The Bright Style of Asian Pendant Lighting

Asian style pendant lighting is inspired by the design principles and artisan materials of Japan, Korea, China, and other areas in the region. With their use of organic woods, natural shade fabrics, and elegantly balanced profiles, these are wonderful designs for contemporary and transitional decor spaces and more.

What decor styles work well with Asian pendant lights?

This style of lighting is a natural fit for modern, Mid-Century, or Coastal style rooms. Many lighting designs from the 1950s were inspired by Asian style pendant lighting. The designs we offer provide a wonderful Zen-like sense of balance and proportion for a wide variety of room spaces.

What are some of the materials used in Asian pendant lighting?

You'll find lantern designs that use or mimic Japanese rice paper, Chinese-style woven baskets, soft wood finishes, and the use of natural materials like stone, bamboo and wicker fibers.

Does Asian pendant lighting have a featured shape or profile?

There are many shapes popular in this style. Lantern shapes in glass and paper are often used, as well as open basket profiles in metal or wood. Larger Asian pendant lamps are seen in contemporary geometric forms.

We offer a wide range of Asian style pendant lights that are sure to brighten your home's style. For help choosing a design that's right for you, schedule a free online design consultation or contact us to talk to one of our experts.