Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low Voltage Landscape Lights

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Free Shipping* on our low voltage landscape lights. Boost curb appeal with our landscaping fixtures and kits, including energy-efficient LED and tall Super Duty designs.

Nuvi 5" Wide LED Deck Lights Set of 10
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VLO 3000K LED Inground 60 Deg Accent CBR
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Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

The latest revolution in landscaping is here: low voltage LED landscape lighting makes curb appeal possible for a fraction of the electricity usage of incandescent lighting. But there are hidden benefits too. Because they last so long, LEDs reduce the need to change bulbs. Additionally, they are much cooler to the touch than other low voltage landscape lights, meaning they're less likely to stress plantings that sit in close proximity. And best of all, the low wattage output means you'll be able to use a much smaller (read: less costly) transformer. For more guidance in creating your landscape lighting system, call our certified lighting experts at 800-782-1967. We're here to help.