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Free Shipping* on coastal light fixtures. Discover designs that evoke beach house, seaside living, with weathered, beachy finishes, cool blue tones and more.

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Using Coastal Light Fixtures

The coastal style evokes long days by the beach and offers a casual seaside vibe. It's a warm, elegantly simple style that's captured in our design collection of coastal light fixtures.

What is a coastal light fixture?

These designs offer a soothing ambiance and use weathered wood and metal finishes like driftwood and bronze, organic materials such as rope and shells, and cool blue color tones that recall sky and water.

What are classic coastal light fixture shapes?

Look for designs based on coastal lights that have a lantern profile with clear and seeded glass. Dome-shaped fixtures are also a common shape. These designs come in a range of natural and metal finishes like brass and bronze.

Note that these designs are not intended for nautical ship use, but rather have a coastal living style and utilize shapes and profiles seen on sailing ships and ocean boats. If you have any questions about these wonderfully appealing designs, contact our designers and they can help you get the look, our explore our How to Buy a Chandelier article for more inspiration.