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Free Shipping* on LED table lamps. Energy-saving, long-lasting modern and traditional styles. Find a designer LED table lamp for your bedrooms, living rooms and more.

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The energy-efficient solution for lighting, LEDs provide the illumination you need without consuming the same power as regular incandescent bulbs. They are ideal in living rooms, next to a favorite reading chair, or on a hallway table.

Why buy an LED table lamp?

  • Save money: LEDs are up to 10 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. This means they use less energy, saving you on electric bill charges.
  • Long life span: when compared to incandescent light sources, LEDs last 25 times longer and more.
  • Versatility: LEDs are actually very small electronic chips, so they can be made into lighting forms and shapes that aren't possible with regular bulb sources.

Browse our selection of table lamps with LED for a look that's right for you. Lamps with adjustable swing arms are useful for reading chairs or bedside uses. Or find night light lamps with built-in LEDs or table lamps with LED lights|bulbs that will brighten your way around your home at night. To learn more about LED lamps and lighting, check out our How to Buy LED Lighting in our Ideas and Advice section. Need help making a selection? Our American Lighting Association trained specialists are here to help. Schedule a free online lighting design consultation for in-depth help, or contact us for advice.